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 Cemetery Regulations 

St. Louis Catholic Cemetery
Schultz Street
Batesville, Indiana

The St. Louis Catholic Cemetery is a sacred place worthy of being maintained with honor, dignity, today and in the future. The members of the St. Louis Cemetery Committee have set forth rules and regulations for its operations. They are subject to change without notice. All lessees having grave space in the cemetery are required to abide by these and any futures rules or regulation that may be adopted.



Grave Specifications:

    1.     Casket burial (adult)

a.     Single

                                  i.     Dimensions of grave: Length - 11 feet, Width - 5 feet 3 inches

                                 ii.    Dimensions of markers: Length 5 feet 3 inches, Width – 18 inches

b.    Double

                                  i.    Dimensions of grave: Length - 11 feet, Width - 10 feet 6 inches

                                 ii.    Dimensions of markers: Length 10 feet 6 inches, Width – 18 inches

    2.     Casket burial (infant, located near the shelter house)

a.    Dimensions of grave: Length – 5 feet, Width – 2 feet

b.    Dimensions of markers: Length – 2 Feet , Width – 18 inches

    3.     Cremation burial

a.    Dimensions of grave: Length –15 inches, Width – 15 inches, Height – 18 inches

b.    Dimensions of markers: Determined by location of burial and grave. Must be approved by the cemetery committee.

    4.     Marker Foundation

a.    Approval must be granted by the cemetery sexton prior to a foundation being poured. Please contact the parish office 812-934-3204.

b.    Must extend 4 inches on all sides of marker.

c.    Must be flush with the ground.

d.    Must be minimum 30 inches below ground level.  

All specifications are not to be exceeded.

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