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 Parish Council 

The St. Louis Parish Council consists of three to six at-large members and five commission chair persons. Of the at-large membership, two are elected in May, an additional two may be appointed by the pastor.

The Parish Council meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the parish office.

Purpose and Function of Parish Council

Section 1:  The Parish Pastoral Council shall be the instrument through which a representative body of the People of God, that is Saint Louis Parish, in a relationship of shared responsibility with the Pastor, enables the parish to experience itself as a community of faith called to proclaim the Good News of God’s Kingdom present among us.

Section 2:  The St. Louis Parish Pastoral Council strives to fulfill its purpose by:
prayerfully discerning the needs of the parish community;

  • serving as a vehicle for constructive dialogue with the parish community;
  • serving as a consultative body to the Pastor;
  • collaborating with the Pastor to formulate policies concerning parish and pastoral matters consistent with faith and morals, civil and church law, and Archdiocesan policy;
  • identifying and calling forth the gifts and talents of the members of the parish community;
  • developing and maintaining a mission statement which embraces the total life and mission of the parish;
  • establishing clear and concise goals and objectives based on the parish mission statement and the emerging needs of the parish community;
  • cooperating with and effectively implementing Archdiocesan policies and directives;
  • coordinating, encouraging and promoting every apostolic activity within the parish through which the parish community discharges its common responsibility to make the Gospel message known.

St. Louis Parish Council Constitution

Parish Council Members

Ken Bohman - Chairperson
Hannah Giesting - Vice Chairperson
James Dickey - Secretary
 - Parish Life Commission Chairperson
Angela Werner - Faith Formation Commission Chairperson
Erik Tuveson - Finance Committee Chariperson

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