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 Parish History (1868 - 1968) 
The history of St. Louis parish is a history of the Batesville Community. During the past one hundred years the St. Louis Congregation has grown from very humble beginnings until it is now one of the largest and most influential parishes in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. During that time it has developed as a leader in the spiritual, moral and educational life of the community.
This leadership is a tribute 'to the devoted efforts of many, both religious and lay people, who have dedicated themselves to this task during the past one hundred years. It is also a challenge to this generation and future generations to carry on this work. Much has been done but much remains to be done.

In the following pages we have attempted to capture the spirit of St. Louis and to show the progress of the parish and express our appreciation to all who have had a part in that progress. We hope it may be an inspiration to all of us to make our best efforts to continue the advancement of St. Louis parish to still further leadership for God and Country in the Batesville Community.

Member of the St. Louis Church Council  

And the Lord said . . . I have heard thy prayer and thy supplication, which thou hast made before Me: I have sanctified this house, which thou hast built, to put my name there forever, and my eyes and my heart shall be there always." - III Kings 9, 3.

* (Four days after Mr. Frushour penned the above he suddenly passed to his eternal reward, February 16, 1968, R.I.P.)

History is interesting to most people. It becomes more interesting when It Is about people and places with which the reader Is familiar. For that reason, natives and former natives of Batesville will have a particular attraction in reading the few words that are put together in the following pages.
No attempt was made to compile a scholarly treatise, but an effort was made to be accurate while bringing out the things that were important to the people who have formed the St. Ludwig's - now St. Louis - Parish during the past one hundred years.
These priests, sisters and people of God were very human and reacted in a human way to the challenges, successes and failures of their times. We have tried to portray them as human beings and bring alive the events that shaped their lives.
As far as can be learned, no detailed history of this parish has ever been written. Many hours, therefore, had to be spent poring over faded papers and books written in German with Gothic script and at times well nigh illegible. A magnifying glass was a necessary tool in this work. The fruit of hours of effort at times would be the small enlightening incident that gave depth to the overall picture or confirmed some fact.
We hope the history will prove both enlightening and encouraging; that it will show people have always had goals and problems in reaching these goals; that these members of the flock and their leaders never flagged in striving for those Christian goals that are the object of every Catholic parish.

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